(Article) Universal Social Justice: A Necessary Alternative to Critical Social Justice

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"It’s worth a quick look at how CSJ has gotten as far as it has. In brief, CSJ has taken on the characteristics of a religion or mental virus, and has thrived by:

"Fully developing USJ will take the work of many, but I’ll attempt an imperfect start with a quick outline here. To begin with, I propose we follow the approach taken by CSJ, but in a positive way. Let’s:

  • acknowledge a genuine problem – financial inequity ;
  • identify the real explanations for financial inequity – systemic issues with our current economic system and cultural variations between groups ;
  • identify the real explanations for other types of differences in results (e.g. STEM gender balance) – biology, preference, culture ;
  • accept that differences in results in some areas are okay – preference-driven differences don’t need to be fixed ;
  • explicitly reject oppression as the primary explanation for existing inequity – reject victimhood ;
  • reaffirm our commitment to equality of opportunity and legal status – reject discrimination ;
  • propose some potentially workable solutions – UBI , promotion of intergroup mixing , providing better educational opportunities ."

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