ASAPbio Community call : Driving recognition of preprints in research assessment

July 2023 Community Call: Driving recognition of preprints in research assessmentThe recognition of preprints by publishers has been a significant step in preprints becoming common in the life sciences. In more recent years, funding bodies and hiring committees have implemented policies recognizing preprints as valid research outputs and as evidence in grant or job applications.Our speakers will discuss how funders are recognizing preprints in research and researcher assessment and why this is such an important step for equity and diversity efforts.

  • Speakers:Hannah Hope, Open research lead, Wellcome Trust
  • Needhi Bhalla, Professor, University of California Santa Cruz

Join us on Wednesday, 26 July, 9am San Francisco / 12pm New York / 4pm UTC / 5pm London / 6pm Berlin / 9:30pm Mumbai Meeting Registration - Zoom