Posting peer-reviews to preprints

Hi all, we’re developing an exciting new FOK campaign that I hope will interest some of you: “Publicly share your journal-commissioned reviews”.

COVID-19 has seen a huge increase in the number of preprints shared in the media, with a corresponding spread of unreliable information throughout society. Public preprint review could help curb this misinformation by pointing readers to relevant papers and important critiques, but unfortunately reviews of preprints remain very rare. With this campaign, we’re hoping to accelerate preprint review culture by asking reviewers to publicly share any reviews they perform on behalf of a journal, whenever the reviewed paper is available as a preprint. The campaign idea evolved out of a recent ASAPbio workshop (in partnership with DORA, Chan-Zuckerberg, HHMI) and is being led by Prof. Ludo Waltman (founder of Initiative for Open Abstracts), so I have high hopes that this campaign will go far.

We’re still designing the campaign details and are hoping to craft something that has wide appeal when it launches, so it would be great to hear from you so we can co-create something that we’re all happy to sign when it launches. The power is in our hands to create a new academia, we just need to do it :slight_smile:

Post your comments here or directly to the FOK discussion thread. Would also appreciate any promotion support on these twitter and facebook posts.


I’m excited to say I just posted my first PREreview! It was fun, although I spent a bit longer on it than I probably should have done :sweat_smile:


Woohoo! And the campaign isn’t even live yet :wink:

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