Breakfast seminar with Dr. Michael Inzlicht

Upcoming event at the Bali Campus:

Breakfast Seminar with Dr. Michael Inzlicht: "The replication crisis in social psychology: a personal, first-person account"

About the speaker: Michael Inzlicht is a Professor of Psychology at University of Toronto, where he leads the Toronto Laboratory for Social Neuroscience, and a Visiting Scholar at IGDORE (Campus Bali). He is currently an Associate Editor of the world’s most impactful scientific journal in psychology: Psychological Science

Date: Saturday, April 6, 2019 Time: 10:15 (breakfast starts at 09:45) Location: IGDORE Bali Campus, Jl. Made Lebah 12, Ubud

The breakfast starts at 09:45, and the seminar at 10:15 (continues until 11:00). Vegan breakfast buffet with freshly baked bread from French bakery is available for purchase.

This is a free event. Everyone is welcome!