Do IGDORE or other communities have a presence in India?

Hi all,

I am Pankaj Bhambhani from India. I recently got interested in being an independent researcher after finishing my MSc in Astrophysics. It has been very exciting to learn about the communities out there (IGDORE, Ronin, NCIS, etc) for supporting independent academics.

This question is for folks based in India – do any of these communities have a physical presence in India? By that, I mean some sort of setup where people can come together and hang out/collaborate in person, eg formal/informal meetups.

If anyone knows anything, I would be very interested to hear. Thanks in advance.

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Hi @pcb.astro, welcome to the forum!

I have been mapping the organisations supporting independent researchers with @arika.virapongse, but we did not come across any that were based in India (although many such organisations accept international members, and I know there are members from India in the three communities you mentioned). Maybe it’s worth looking into starting something up there :slight_smile:

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No worries, thank you for the response