End of the Open Science Newsletter

I subscribed to the Open Science Newsletter several months ago and it has been a great source of news about the open science community (I found many links that I posted on the forum there). Unfortunately, the newsletter editor Joerg Herber (who was the Editor-in-chief at PLoS One) announced today that he will no longer publish the newsletter as he is moving to a different job that will have less involvement with the OS community.

All newsletter issues are currently available on his homepage:

In case that goes down, the issues also seem to be well backed by the internet archive (I saved a few archives today just to be sure!): https://web.archive.org/web/20201124213621/https://www.heber.info/

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One could cover this as a group, the oatag project allows this: Open Access Tracking Project - Harvard Open Access Project

See automatic newsletter for oa.data: The research data management weekly

One could also add some non-automatic stuff if one wants/can.