Free Open Source Hardware following demand

My friend and colleague André Maia Chagas is running a project with the goal to increase access to science and education by making their tools (think laboratory equipment) open source.




In order to do research and to train/educate others, scientists/teachers and need access to hardware. Scientific hardware is normally expensive and it doesn’t have to be. So we want to find out what people need in terms of equipment and build Open Source versions of them following this demand.


Hi there,

Glad that I found this topic here.
I’m Sanka from Indonesia. I have been following the open source hardware or science since 2014 when I participated hackterialab 2014 (
There, all of the participants involved in various project across the discipline and tried to make really nice project. Many of them made some tools which were able to help them to conduct research (such as microbes exploration, zooplankton responses, and many more). One of them also brought DIY thermo-cycler which could help the DNA amplification. Also, one team could make the 3D printer from the scratch within less than three days. It was awesome and inspired us to bring more like this in the institutions (such as in the university). But, we had limited sources to bring this thing into the formal education or to other students back in our bachelor. Since then, I followed the forum, community, events and everything related to open hardware and science. Also, like you said, this may help to get the an access to science and education. But, which part we can start with? Do you think providing the hardware would help people with limited access to get better research education or to run the research itself? or maybe we can start providing the conceptual mindset to make and trigger the eagerness to find the way to do science or research without using high-tech/ expensive stuff?
Nevertheless, I would love to get on board on this one. Really think that this would help many people in developing countries such as in Indonesia.

Immanuel Sanka