Open Science TV, new independent media platform: your feedback

Hello dear IGDORE community!

Thank you @Enrico.Fucci and @jo.havemann for an invitation!

I would like to introduce you to our project Open Science TV, a new independent media platform dedicated to the OS awareness and social engagement (check project resume below).

For the moment, we are seeking for people that could join our project, collaborate and help :slight_smile: Additionally, I would like to ask you to share your ideas about the video content. What are you worry about in current academic situation? What do you want to highlight? What do you think is crucial to reveal? Scientific misconducts and why do they appear? Maybe, something about university ranking? Publish or perish destiny?

Also in case you have some insights concerning funding opportunities, we will be happy to get any feedback.

If you are interested to join our project, please, contact me by email

Cheers, Stefaniia


Hi Stefaniia,

Interesting project!

I have thought a bit about this, and you mention YouTube, do you think there are feasible ways around using YouTube as a platform? I realize there are many tradeoffs here: YouTube is infinitely scalable, has a massive built in audience etc…, but you don’t own the content and it makes it much more difficult to monetize (which can support research). Just to mention, there are some technologies that are bringing broadcast grade video within reach, mux and elemental livestream for example.

I always though it would be interesting to:

  1. Broadcast live all the talks daily at a University, this is an immense amount of knowledge just disappearing on a daily basis (though now with Covid-19 this is happening more or less via Zoom).
  2. Do full length ‘documentary’ style videos of scientific experiments for a general audience, but not watered down. Like say I am a scientifically minded high school student, what does it really look like to go through the whole process of coming up with a hypothesis, designing an experiment, carrying it out, analyzing the data?..and so on. This could be interesting to do for many different fields of science. Some of these could be live, with live question and answer as well. The idea is more or less to bring people ‘inside real science’.

Hi @grant! Thank you a lot for your interest!

As far as I know, on Youtube if the content is original, it can have a monetisation from the advertisement, not a lot, but at least it can cover some fees. Hm, but I did not hear anything about Youtube violating someone’s author rights… Do you mean, while posting author rights are transferred to Youtube?

Thank you a lot for links, I will send them to our technical director :slight_smile:

Great idea! More live streams with experts :heavy_check_mark:

Sounds cool :+1:

So, on a usual basis, do you watch TV channels? Would you prefer to just turn on the broadcast? Or it is better to have separate content on Youtube which you can watch whenever you want? Or to have both? Thank you for your ideas and feedback!

Yes, I think so. I don’t know much about YouTube, but I think in effect you are both ‘co-owners’ of the content when you upload it. YouTube can keep it in perpetuity even if you delete it, edit it, etc. I’m sure the details are in the terms of service, but I believe you do in effect grant them some ownership rights. I don’t know a whole lot about this space in general, but I know there were some issues with comedy and facebook surrounding the ability to successfully monetize content in a sustainable way. I take the view that these companies have enough money, but getting around their viewer monopoly is no easy trick. :slight_smile:

It seems like a lot of television is moving towards ‘cord-cutting’ and ‘on-demand’ in general. You could certainly record content and stream it either live or on-demand, on YouTube or an independent site. I guess you can do both, maybe an event model for livestreams, and a program model for on-demand content.


Hi @sivashchenko ,

Thank you for the post!

What are you worry about in current academic situation?

My biggest worry is our inefficient funding system:

Too hard to find open funding calls - funder’s pages are hard to navigate, the few open calls are lost in the sea of calls that are closed or expired and other unrelated information. And even for open calls, the eligibility information is hard to locate and unclear. I find the navigation time and energy-consuming.

Funders don’t provide public forums where participants can openly share feedback, make constructive suggestions, and help each other. This lack of transparency and fierce competition leads to people losing their creative energy, getting exhausted and even depressed. I think having such discussions would make many more people welcome and encouraged and our society won’t miss out on their contribution.

Do you think Open Science TV could provide such a dialogue and help with this situation?


I think yes. Open Science TV could not only highlight this problem by its video content, it can provide the solution and the platform where it will be actively discussed. So we can imagine series of videos: starting from pedagogical issues, passing by funding problems and finishing by the new cultural values that we need to grow in the society.

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I wrote this some time back for the 2019 open access week. It hasn’t been followed up since. Perhaps now is the time. :slight_smile:

“The international open access week committee seems to be quite serious in their rhetoric of equity in open access for peoples of the world. In indonesia, we wonder if they realize what does this equity entail? For example, at the level of tools used, why only redalyc of the south american region has emerged to rival ‘western’ created tools, and even that not ‘generalizable’ to other post-colonial countries? We contend that the main stumbling block of open access, and by corollary, open science efforts in post-colonial countries is due to a lack of funding for coordinated and large-scale efforts. Such efforts are necessary as post-colonial governments even in south america have been hell-bent on ensuring the dominance of closed-access and closed-science model. Without sufficient and sustainable funding, peoples of post colonial countries must be content with sporadic and compromised open access and open science efforts, which ends up hijacked by self-serving, self-promoting, and self-aggrandizing individuals and institutions. They also must be perpetually reliant on the ‘west’, making the rhetoric of ‘equity’ laughable and downright mean. To solve this problem, the global open science movement can follow the lead of people’s policy project in their advocacy of the green new deal for developing countries. Provide funding to committed and non-compromising individuals and institutions in post-colonial countries to spearhead their own efforts and create their own tools to suit their context. Only then true equity be reached, instead of remaining rhetorical and aspirational like now.”


I just remember i have finished the first part of the presentation for this. The second part was supposed to be done by a colleague, but he waa occupied at that time. :slight_smile:

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Very interesting topic, Surya. Maybe you want to give us an interview and tell more about western tools for postcolonial countries? For the moment, we are working on our first introduction video and welcome people from OS movement to share their thoughts and experience. If you are interested, please, drop me an email: stefaniia.ivashchenko at gmail dot com. Thank you :slight_smile:

Everyone reading this is welcome too!


Dear community! Our first video is out on Open Science TV Youtube channel! Waiting for your feedback, likes, subscriptions and comments (there are a few errors in pronunciation and in text, so forgive us, non-native speakers).

Please, share this video among your colleagues and friends.

Thank you :slight_smile:


You mean non-native english speakers. :slight_smile:

In any case, this notion has long been outdated. See for example:

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I liked this Stefaniia, good work! The conversation was light but informative, and was really impressed by the Open Journal of Mathematics and Physics - I hadn’t heard of this before but it sounds like they are trying out some really interesting open publishing techniques, thanks for bringing them to my attention.

A comment - the bell/alert sound you have when you pop up log is fun, but I wouldn’t overuse it or it will probably get irritating (that said, it did get my attention each time).

Another comment - your forum link takes me to your GitLab page which I realized after a while you will use as a discussion forum, but I was a bit confused initially when I went there as I expect something more forumy (like this forum in fact). Maybe there is a better way to name it so people don’t expect to end up at a forum…

Finally, where can I get more information on the quantum internet of people Matheus mentioned at the end. That sounded amazing but I couldn’t find out anything more about it on google?!

Anyway, I look forward to seeing the next videos on your channel :slight_smile:


Thank you @Gavin for your feedback and comments! This is very important for us to create the content which everybody will like. So doing our best!

The conversation was light but informative

We will make our discussions more and more complicated and deep. As the video was oriented to the broad public, we decided to start with something very light and positive.

Another comment - your forum link takes me to your GitLab page which I realized after a while you will use as a discussion forum, but I was a bit confused initially when I went there as I expect something more forumy (like this forum in fact). Maybe there is a better way to name it so people don’t expect to end up at a forum…

Soon we can create a separate web site with more attractive interface. So it is under the progress now.

Finally, where can I get more information on the quantum internet of people Matheus mentioned at the end. That sounded amazing but I couldn’t find out anything more about it on google?! I will ask Matheus, if he have his idea published somewhere and let you know :slight_smile:

Thank you again for your support! More content soon!

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So Matheus made a post dedicated to it here:

If you want a discussion forum it would also be possible to create a dedicated space here in this forum. It would then be under ‘Organisations’ where you also find ‘IGDORE’, ‘OSC Sweden’, and others. Just let us know if you’re interested in that!

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It would be great if we will have a space at IGDORE forum, thank you, @rebecca Rebecca!

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You can send me text you want in the first topic (“About…”), if you want to, @sivashchenko.

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