News feed and updates from Open Science TV

Here we will post news and updates from Open Science TV which are not related to the video announcement :tv:

Of course, first of all we are happy to announce :tada:our first ever partnership with IGDORE :tada:Happy to be a part of this big independent and open community :grinning:

We have created a website with the help of PubPub, so now our PARTNERS tab has its first appearance:

I hope our partnership with IGDORE will grow and be fruitful and efficient!

Another news for today is launching our Open Collective for openly and transparently collecting funds and donations (and of course, spending them) :moneybag:

Financial help and support are very important for keeping community sustainable and independent. If you want to support Open Science TV, you can choose different contributions from “un petit merci” of 2€ to custom donation :euro:

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