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Hi to you all,

For those who don’t know me I’m agriculture researcher based in Serbia, interested in plant pathology and physiology as well as entomology. I have idea to open an open science lab. I’m searching old lab equipment that works and you don’t use. Does someone has something that can help me for beginning? Thank you all in advance.


Hi Jelena, congrats for your beautiful idea and nice context of putting life to old equipment! What kind of equipment do you need? I know that in my ex-field (NMR spectroscopy) there are laboratories which are giving spectrometers for free (but of course, they are tricky in maintenance)… I found all these announcements in newsletter list maybe it does exist something for other techniques/analytical chemistry.

Thanks @sivashchenko

Everything is welcome. We are starting from scratch and we need everything that is usable at least for beginning until we get something from grants that we will apply for :slight_smile: The only problem is how to move everything to Serbia and are we going to have problems with custom/duty and how much does it cost to move everything from your country to mine.

Also, today I talked with my friend from some other research institution and he is looking for HPLC. Do you or someone else knows how he/we can get it?

Good strategy! I will let you know if will find announcements about NMR (as I regularly receive updates).

Here are some useful links about recycling laboratory equipment:

This contains list of different resources:

Here you can fill up the form and ask for equipment: What we do - EquipSent


Thank you very much I will look everything.

Many universities have surplus departments that sell old equipment. I found the University of Maryland’s “Terrapin Trader” to be a great source of cheap computers, and as I recall my brother bought a fair amount of furniture from there. I believe they also had scientific equipment. I would recommend checking as many nearby universities and labs as possible for surplus departments.

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