Practical research as independent researcher

Dear all,

This question is mainly directed towards others involved in the life sciences, but others may also have input.

How do you tackle conducting practical research if you do not have access to lab space? Until now, I have mainly limited myself to review articles (in part) due to this limitation. For anatomy, I am able to do some dissections, but practical molecular work is impossible.

I was wondering how other people approach this.

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Nice to hear that you’re aiming to do some experimental work as part of your independent research. So far I’ve mostly concentrated on computational work but am starting to establish collaborations with researchers who have labs to facilitate experimental work in future.

As an alternative to collaborations, you could look at biohacker spaces (the bio version of the more common makerspace). I think they will vary a lot in how well they are equipped, but I’ve heard those attached to universities have a lot of resources (e.g. this at UPenn) but I guess they could have affiliation requirements. You might find some more resources about this at the Global Community Bio Summit.

If you have a bit of funding you could also try outsourcing the experiment on Science Exchange. Clustermarket is similar, although I think they focus a bit more on facilitating renting lab/equipment time rather than outsourcing.

Please do share any solutions you find Jelle :slight_smile: