Heidi Seibold

Warm welcome to IGDORE, Heidi Seibold!

Heidi studied Statistics at LMU Munich and did her PhD in Computational Biostatistics at the University of Zurich. She now works at the intersection of Data Science, Open Science and Health Research. She likes to think about how research and learning could look like in the future and works towards better research and training practices.

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Welcome to IGDORE @heidi! :wave:

You mentioned this in another thread:

Do you have any more thoughts on this? How canwe work towards being a hub for creating new collaborations and teams of Open Scientists and Independent Researchers? It something I’m thinking about in terms of community and culture building, but I don’t have any clear answers yet :thinking:


Hi all, thanks for allowing me to be part of IGDORE!

@Gavin the best remote communities I have seen are built by Mozilla (Open Leaders Program) and The Turing Way, so maybe we can learn from that. The links are to the community ressources so feel free to dive in and ask me about anything.

I guess one part would be to have events to bring people together and get to know each other. The Turing Way collaboration cafes are a nice way to get people together and allow them to get to know each other and yet still have time to work on something productively in between (pomodoro style). This might be something that I guess could work for IGDORE as well.

What I find super important is an extremely welcoming atmosphere.

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Thanks for the resources @heidi! Yeah, I think that digital coworking/collaboration sessions could be a good way to start connecting. I’ve actually done this with another metascience group but hadn’t thought of bringing it to IGDORE. I’ll look into starting something like this up after summer.

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