Hernan Salinas

Warm welcome to IGDORE, Hernan Salinas !

Hernán has a Bachelor of Physical Activity Sciences from the University of Santiago (Chile) and a Masters in Sports Performance from the University of Barcelona. He has been a practitioner and lecturer in the Strength and Conditioning field who wants to use that experience to do independent research and make a contribution to the field and the Open Science community.

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Welcome to IGDORE @hasalina :wave:

Do you think the Strength and Conditioning field already embraces Open Science, or is there a lot of room to improve?

Out of interest does your research focus on a specific sport or is does it have a broad focus? (intersport == interdisciplinary :thinking:) I know very little about the field and am genuinely very curious…

Maybe you’d be interested in chatting with @Daniel_Cleather, he has similar interests.

Hello Gavin! Thanks for your welcome. I believe that there is an “Open Science mindset” among researchers that work close to practitioners on the field. They are more about giving useful answers to “real world” questions than they are about publishing for its own sake. This fact doesn’t necessarily mean Open Science, but creates a better environment for it, I think.
Regarding my work, I’m more of a practitioner than a researcher. I have researched basketball, but I aim for a broad focus. I have read @Daniel_Cleather blog and two of his books. They are great.

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This is important, I’m glad to hear that your field is interested in providing practical solutions. In some ways, I think that this should be the goal of most scientific fields, even some very basic ones.

I recently read Daniel’s book Subvert. Agreed it was great.