Multilingual versions of IGDORE open science posters

Hi IGDORE team,

do you think that sometimes researchers in non-English speaking countries find it harder to participate in Open Science practices due to language barriers? I’m originally from Uruguay, South America and know of a lot of former colleagues, especially at Psychology and Education departments at uni, that have never heard about Open Science practices. I know that many of them just don’t feel comfortable enough to read new papers or tweet in English. So I was wondering if there is a way to collaboratively try to tackle this language barrier, to raise awareness on Open Science practices in non English speaking countries. Maybe that way we could reach a more representative portion of researchers worldwide?

So here is a concrete idea I think could be a contribution in this sense: what if we create versions of the super clear IGDORE posters on Questionable Research Practices and Open Science Practices in different languages?

I came across a photo of these posters on Twitter and Rebecca Willen kindly agreed to this idea and suggested I should share it with you all on this forum. Isn’t this an easy way to start getting people’s attention on this? I’ve seen a similar idea be very successful in creating worldwide awareness developmental language disorders with multilingual versions of a simple fact sheet.

What do you think? Would anyone be interested in working on this together? I’m doing a postdoc in Singapore and could get people to do a Mandarin, Malay and Tamil version. And I myself could do Spanish and German. What other languages do you speak? If there’s interest, maybe we could try to access an editable version of the files and put them up on a shared OSF link as a template? I can set this up if people are interested. And of course IGDORE’s logo and info would be on all versions.

Curious to hear your thoughts on this!



I like it! I could do one in Portuguese (might need my partner to confirm the translation though!). It could also be worth pairing the poster with a translation on the IGDORE site (under learn more)


Perhaps @rebecca can post an editable version here in this thread so everyone can just do it?

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I was waiting for someone to say something about how the translations will get into the poster, because I hoped there would be a way that I’m not aware of…

IGDORE previously had a staff member who created a bunch of marketing materials for us. However, it turned out that they created everything in their own private Canvas account. Before they left the position were they asked to transfer all the materials to IGDORE’s own Canvas account that was created for that particular purpose. Unfortunately did they never do that. This means that ALL the materials we still have access to (some of our materials were never saved at all) are in non-editable versions. This is extremely unfortunate for IGDORE because we put a lof of money and effort into creating the materials, and of course is it now also affecting the community. If anyone has any idea on how our materials can be saved into editable versions, then please advise.

If you have pdf or jpeg versions, they can be easily converted into Powerpoint or Inkscape formats and eventually edited. The conversion result is not sure though! We should try…

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Thanks for the idea! I just tried converting the jpg files and it doesn’t look too bad. Just some of the images need to be imported again. I’ll try to accommodate everything and come up with ppt versions for both posters. I’m not sure though if I can upload files here, so might send them to you @rebecca ok? Thank you!


It should be possible to upload them here, but it’s also perfectly fine to send them to me, @alexavh!

Perhaps would it be possible to find someone good with graphic design within the community who would be willing to shape up the final posters if needed?

Pinging @andras.hartmann and his wife: Maybe this would be something you’d be able to help with? Alexa has now done a great job with recreating the posters in ppt files that are editable but could use some final fixing with colours and layout. And maybe the graphic designer could convert those files to a more stable format than ppt?

Btw, welcome to the forum, @alexavh! :wave: I got so excited about the posters that I forgot earlier to welcome you. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much and I really appreciate your support with this idea :slight_smile:

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I think this is a great idea. I can do in Russian.


do post the editable version here so i could contribute the indonesian translation… :slight_smile:

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Any new development on this?

@alexavh has published their versions now, right Alexa?

Thank you Alexa. I am a professional linguist (please see my linkedin profile for more info: and can offer to translate into and between Chinese and Romance. Please keep us updated as this looks very interesting!

Hi everyone! Yes, @rebecca is right! I managed to re-do the posters in Powerpoint and we’ve recently used them in an Open Science exhibit at our library here at NTU in Singapore. I know that @rebecca was trying to get a graphic designer to look over these versions and try to transform them into a better file format. So that’s why I was waiting before trying to organise a collaborative effort to get them translated into as many languages as possible. But I’m happy to share the current ppt versions here if you think that is useful. @rebecca, what do you think? Should we wait a bit more or try to go ahead with these versions? Thank you!

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Translation for Russian version is already done (see attachment). But I have to somehow put it in the poster. I am not good at graphic designing. Any suggestions?

Questionable Research Practices(EN_RU).docx (20.8 KB)

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