New Registered Reports campaign

Hi all, letting you know we just posted a new campaign to the FOK website: Registered Reports Now! (Ecology/Evolutionary Biology).

This campaign is a collaboration with researchers from SORTEE (Patrice Pottier & Shinichi Nakagawa @UNSW) and asks researchers to sign a petition that we will send to editors of ecology and evolutionary biology journals at the upcoming SORTEE conference, asking them to adopt the Registered Reports format. It’s very much a replica/extension of the Registered Reports Now! campaigns on OSF, but by hosting this new version on FOK we hope to (a) attract a larger number of signatures, (b) develop replicable processes that can be extended to other fields in the future, and (c) bring more people onto the FOK platform so we can alert them to other relevant campaigns (e.g., the Preregistration Pledge).

This campaign is now LIVE and we have less than 2 weeks until the SORTEE conference, so I’d appreciate any help you can offer in promoting it (e.g., on Twitter) and sharing with relevant people. Note that you can also sign the petition as a non ecology/evol. biol. researcher to show generic support for the movement, and doing so will mean we can get in touch about relevant campaigns in your field down the track.

Thanks for your support, and as always happy to answer questions here or via the comments at the bottom of the campaign page.