SORTEE 2023 (October 17/18) Submissions: June 1st

The third conference of the Society for Open, Reliable, and Transparent Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (SORTEE) will be held virtually in October 2023 (the conference will run continuously from 17 October 0700 UTC to 18 October 0700 UTC, in order to cover all timezones).

The conference is a forum to discuss and develop ideas, and learn methods for improving research in fields related to ecology and evolutionary biology. If these topics interest you then please consider becoming a member: Join (the conference will be free for SORTEE members).

Content submissions are now open! To submit a content proposal, please click here :

Unconferences: Facilitated discussions of ideas for how to make ecology, evolutionary biology, and related disciplines more open, reliable, and transparent. Facilitation involves moderating the conversation with ideas and examples, but there are no formal presentations.

Hackathons: Group projects with well-defined goals (papers, techniques, software, protocols, organizations, etc.).

Workshops: Facilitators will teach tools for implementing open, reliable, and transparent research practices.

Submissions will close on June 1st.

Conference registration will soon open on the SORTEE webpage: Upcoming events

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Registration is now open: SORTEE Conference 2023 | Humanitix

And the preliminary schedule is available: SORTEE 2023 Conference Program_shortprogram.pdf - Google Drive