Webinar: a path to build a trustworthy and collaborative Science with In&Sight

Hello everyone :wave:

We are hosting our first webinar very soon! We’ll see how we can go from “Publish & Perish” to “Publish & Flourish”.

:date: 7 december, 2021 :stopwatch: 15:00 - 16:00 CET

We will speak about the file drawer problem, a.k.a the Dark Science, and how we believe we can solve it by presenting you the latest advancements of our publishing platform and its newly hatched journal: In&Vertebrates. More importantly, we hope to discuss with scientists from different fields and backgrounds to get feedbacks.

If some of you are interested, here is the link to register: Microsoft Forms The deadline to subscribe is November 28, 2021.

Hope to see you there :v: Bastien