Our platform to bring the Dark Science back to the light is up and running!

Hello everyone :wave:

I hope this post finds you all well.

A few months back, I described the DarkPaper publication format together with the I&V platform on this forum.

Today, I wanted to inform you that the platform is now up and running and will soon start publishing DarkPapers from all Life Science disciplines.

Initially, we created the DarkPaper format to prevent the file drawer effect. Today, the DarkPaper welcomes all kinds of scientific outputs.

While selecting DarkPapers, we focus on transparency and reproducibility, not novelty. Therefore, we particularly encourage scientists to share their negative results and/or ’ failed’ experiments that tend to remain in the drawers and, as a result, misrepresent the scientific reality. You can now empty your research drawers and help us make science complete.

We propose a four-stage process:

  1. Write or directly submit your manuscript on our platform (we are implementing an online editor so that you can share easily different kinds of media).
  2. We run pre-publication checks (including authors checks, plagiarism tests, etc.).
  3. Upon acceptance, we release the article on the platform.
  4. Post-publication open peer review takes place.

Moreover, the DarkPaper is dynamic. It means that once published, it can still change and evolve thanks to the feedback and reviews received from the scientific community (without being limited in time or number).

I am waiting for you on the platform and looking forward to reading your science!

You can visit the platform here: https://inandvertebrates.com/

Comments, questions & critiques are, obviously, welcome.

All the best,