Open Science is more than open access

There are emotional benefits to open:


Thank you very much bruce. I had fun reading the article, my heart full with joy. I was in such a flow that i finished it in a few minutes. Everything that you talked about in the article i have talked about with several close scientist and scholar friends from all over the world. :slight_smile:

To my mind, spiritual motivation and benefit also plays a major part in doing science. In fact, it is an even more foundational factor for religionists. This ties in well with the quote:

“Religion is the ultimate infinite game”. Source:

I think this article is a shallow elaboration, but it is written by friends, and useful as a start. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the kind words! Love the links. What are you working on? cheers bruce

in relation to science and knowledge, i wish to invite you to ‘democratize science/knowledge’ based on material, emotional (as you put it), intellectual, and spiritual basis. i wrote something about in another post in this forum.

my other two current work is on ‘democratizing work’ and ‘democratizing money’, which could also be founs in this forum.



I can dive into more economics (I’m not up to speed there at all)… I am in the middle of Capital and Ideology… :slightly_smiling_face: I have done some work with David Bollier, who has written widely on commons and commoning. I’m interested in governance issues there. Everything from Ostrom through P2P. Democratizing anything will need to pay close attention to really being democratic. The Enspiral folks in New Zealand, for example, are doing really innovative work on … work. I’ll try to keep up with this stuff! Thanks again.


Thanks bruce. We really are on the same page. Am aware on enspiral, and into commons big time since last decade. :slight_smile:

More specific, i wish to invite you and others to campaign for ‘democratizing science/knowledge’ in the manner of the ‘democratizing work’ people.

They wrote an article, translated into many languages, signed by thousands, and published in many media in the world. Then they followed up (we recently had a webinar) with a lot of projects (book, conference, activism -contacting labour unions, government elites, etc.).

I have invited folks in this group for a while now, and am not sure why the tepid response. Perhaps you and i can start. I am reading everything in your blog and found myself nodding in agreement all the time.


Democatizing science is also a matter of justice for societies and the planet. A lot of science has been about colonizing knowledge spaces, mostly for profit. I’ve been wondering about how this fits with other efforts to bring the notion of justice into the conversation (ecojustice, etc.). Force11 has been working on the notion of a global knowledge commons. I see this as a global movement of local knowledge stewards/commoners.

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Have you used this quote before? :slight_smile:

“The game of science is, in principle, without end. He who decides one day that scientific statements do not call for any further test, and that they can be regarded as finally verified, retires from the game”. Karl Popper

Just found it at:


I’ll use it now! arigatou!