Organisations > IGDORE is public again

Hi everyone!

This is just to inform you that this forum category (‘IGDORE’ under ‘Organisations’) from now on is for IGDORE people only. No one outside of IGDORE can read, write, or see the category or the posts.

Examples of how you may use this category:

  • Asking questions about IGDORE
  • Requesting help with email issues
  • Informing IGDORE about your new publications
  • Connecting with other IGDORE people
  • Posting ideas on how to improve services or further develop IGDORE
  • Other internal discussions

There were a few posts that should remain public. I moved them to the category called ‘Openness movements’.

The purpose of this change is to create an internal place on the forum for everyone affiliated with IGDORE. If you want to stay updated on internal discussions but stay out of other topics then you can enable (email) notifications from this category while making all other categories silent (i.e. not receiving any notifications).

All new researchers should be automatically added to this category. If you hear of someone who doesn’t have access, please send a message or email to @rebecca (


Note that the IGDORE public thread is now open to the public again. We decided to re-open it because the majority of content posted there was public, and we had very little content posted here that was strictly for a private audience.

However, we can certainly reconsider having private categories if a need arises. If you feel one is necessary (such as for discussing the points @rebecca indicated above), please feel free to request it in this thread or by messaging a forum admin. Such a category could be for all IGDORE members or a smaller group (that doesn’t need to be restricted to IGDORE members).