Refinements of the forum structure

Hi everyone!

As you might notice have we just made some changes to the structure of the forum. No posts have been removed, but some have been moved from a previous sub-category to a primary category, and others have been moved to new categories. This is why the list of latest posts looks a bit weird at the moment: all moved posts are high on the list.

Included in this change is the creation of the category “Organisations”. In this category will you find all organisations that have chosen to have their own space on the forum. We welcome all academic and scientific organisations, in particular organisations that are part of the moment for open and replicable science in some way, to have their own space here on the forum for your internal discussions. This space can be used instead of e.g. Slack or email groups. Email me ( for inquiries on setting up your own space. Please note that we are also happy to set up private groups for e.g. ECR’s, whistleblower support, academic parents, academics with disabilities, etc.

Do let us know if there’s anything you miss or anything else you might want to change! We welcome all sorts of constructive criticism!


Great! Have cross-posted this to two relevant slack communities I am part of - will see what their response is.

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