Submitting to Ukrainian journals during the conflict

Dear all,

As you can imagine, the conflict in Ukraine will also have a significant impact on the scientific community and activities there. This includes the conduct of clinical trials, …

Perhaps we could consider reaching out to some Ukrainian journals in our specific fields and see whether we could support our work there as a sign of support.

The following medical journals have confirmed they are accepting submissions:

  • Eastern Ukrainian Medical Journal
  • Ukrainian Journal of Medicine, Biology and Sports
  • Ukrainian Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery

Of course, there are many ways to contribute that do actually have a direct impact on the situation that you should explore.


Thanks for starting a thread on this important topic @Jelle. Just wanted to mention a few other resources to support Ukrainian science/tists during the crisis.

This site (which collects opportunities for Ukrainian students and researchers) was presented during the warmup for the Open Science Barcamp this morning:

This emergency fund was mentioned in particular:


For scholars who currently do not reside in Ukraine or plan to travel to cooperate with colleagues participating in NEP4DISSENT on topics relevant to the network, we offer the STSM travel grants.

We will be happy to facilitate contacts with hosts, please contact us at .


For scholars who reside in Ukraine, we offer VM grants, to support collaboration with colleagues participating in NEP4DISSENT in a virtual setting. Examples of such collaboration include, but are not limited to:

  • Documenting instances of dissent and resistance in Ukraine, yesterday and today, including oral histories, web-scraping, etc.
  • Digital preservation of endangered cultural assets broadly related to dissent and resistance in Ukraine, yesterday and today
  • Content preparation, including online lectures, workshops, webinars, podcasts, virtual exhibits etc.
  • Virtual mentoring schemes to support capacity building and development of new skills among young researchers and innovators

There is also a GSheet with labs that can support Ukranian scientists:


Our friend and colleague @sivashchenko is still in Ukraine. I doubt she’ll be accessing the forum much at the moment but she may have some other suggestions for how to support Ukraine, related to science or otherwise. Stay safe :ukraine: :heart:


Hi all, I back on forum! Unfortunately, I am not very well connected to Ukrainian academic publishing system. At least I know that Ukrainian government bought last year an expensive access to Scopus/WoS databases for ~1M €, as well as the subscription to Elsevier journals. So it is better to help directly to researchers in Ukraine with a job, a donation or any other humanitarian help, as @Gavin suggested (thanks for the links!).

Glory to Ukraine :ukraine::muscle: