Where to post open-grant proposals

I have a few biology grant proposals that I think are interesting and that I would like to share openly. I’m wondering if there is a particular repository that would be most suitable to deposit these in?

I was initially considering posting some of my grants to BioRxiv, but did some more googling and found the following blog post which lists links to a bunch of open-biology grants. At a quick glance, the links go to quite a wide range of places:

  • Figshare
  • Institutional repository
  • Institutional site (i.e. lab webpage)*
  • Project/association site/wiki*
  • Lab Github
  • Personal blog
  • Evernote*
  • Google doc*
  • Personal site
  • Datadryad wiki

Note that quite a few of the links the * categories were dead, although some were still accessible via the internet archive.

That blog post has now evolved into the Open-Grant website, where one can submit the grant proposal to join the list. (it seem grants can be submitted with a link or as a PDF, in the latter case it looks like Open-Grants host the grant which hopefully reduces linkrot - but unfortunately, it does not provide a DOI)

Figshare seems like it is the most appropriate option in the list above (gives a DOI and should remain accessible), but also feels a bit unspecific. Does something like an ‘OSF Grants’ exist? Should it?

You could also publish your grant proposal on RIO. You can find some examples here.

I have never used it so I cannot directly vouch for it, but I heard good things.


Thanks @antonio.schettino, RIO looks great! I can’t believe I’ve never heard of it:

RIO journal accepts submissions of ALL these different types of research ideas and outcomes:

  • Research Ideas
  • Research Proposals
  • Research Articles
  • Review Articles
  • Commentaries
  • Data Papers (Spreadsheets, Sound Recordings, Videos, Imaging Scans, Photos, any data format)
  • Software Descriptions
  • Workflows
  • Registered Experimental Designs
  • Data Management Plans
  • Software Management Plans
  • Grant Proposals
  • Conference Abstracts
  • Research Presentations
  • Research Posters
  • Single-media Publications
  • PhD Projects
  • PhD Thesis
  • PostDoc Projects
  • Project Reports (including milestones and deliverables; especially final reports)
  • Methods
  • Policy and Communication Briefs
  • Citizen Science Reports
  • Replication studies
  • Wikipedia articles
  • Case Studies
  • Biographies
  • Book Reviews
  • Editorials
  • Correspondences
  • Corrigenda

The wide range of submission types they accept looks like it could be very useful for independent researchers, whos research outputs may often not fit into the scope covered by traditional journals.