Wiki cool

no time to translate now… would do it later… though i believe the english part is self-explanatory… :slight_smile:

saya baru dapat kabar dari wikimedia indonesia bahwa sekarang artikel wikipedia itu bisa dijadikan makalah ilmiah yang diterbitkan di wikijournal… :slight_smile:

inovasi yang sangat bagus… saya sangat senang mendapatkan kabar ini… saya kira bagus untuk dimanfaatkan kawan2 dosen dan peneliti di indonesia… jadi kum/penghargaan dapat, unsur2 sains terbuka dapat, artikel pun bisa dibaca ribuan orang setiap hari… :slight_smile:

contoh di bawah… bisa diklik masing2 tautan karena banyak lagi isinya… :slight_smile:


“This article has been through public peer review. Post-publication review comments or direct edits can be left at the version as it appears on Wikipedia.”

“Wikipedia: This work is adapted from the Wikipedia article Dyslexia. Content has also subsequently been used to update that same Wikipedia article Dyslexia.”


“The 2019 version of this article has passed academic peer review (here) and was published in WikiJournal of Medicine. It can be cited as: Osmin Anis; et al. (2019), Eric Youngstrom; Jitendra K Sinha (eds.), “Dyslexia”, WikiJournal of Medicine, 6 (1): 5, doi:10.15347/WJM/2019.005, Wikidata Q73053061 open access publication”


“Wikipedia:WikiJournal article nominations”

“WikiJournals are Academic journals that can subject Wikipedia articles to the rigour of scholarly peer review by independent experts. This is an “embassy page” in Wikipedia for submissions to the three journals in the group: WikiJournal of Humanities (Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences) WikiJournal of Medicine (Medicine and Biomedicine) WikiJournal of Science (Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Technology)”

"Like Good Article and Featured Article nominations, submissions to WikiJournals have feedback organised. In the case of the WikiJournals, however, peer reviewers are non-wikipedian experts, invited to provide feedback and recommendations for the article. Articles that pass peer review also have a stable, citable, indexed version published in the journal, gain a DOI number, and become searchable in Google Scholar. For example:

Wright, Marion; Skaggs, William; Årup Nielsen, Finn; et al. (2016). “The Cerebellum”. WikiJournal of Medicine. 3 (1). doi:10.15347/wjm/2016.001. ISSN 2002-4436.

Major goals include:

To provide an additional mechanism for quality assessment for existing Wikipedia articles, or large sections of Wikipedia articles (example) To encourage non-Wikipedians to write Wikipedia articles (example) To gather collections of useful multimedia content that can easily be used to improve Wikipedia articles (example)"