Wolfgang Lukas

Warm welcome to IGDORE, Wolfgang Lukas!

Wolfgang has a PhD in Physics from the University of Innsbruck, Austria. He has deep experience with ambitious collaborations spanning 1000s of individuals from his time contributing to the ATLAS collaboration at CERN. Over a period of several years, he was a credited contributor to 100s of papers on particle physics by the ATLAS collaboration. He has also contributed to a recent collaborative publication that proposes an “Open Innovation in Science” (OIS) research framework. His current projects focus on strengthening interdisciplinary collaboration and transforming academic and research culture. This work is connected to several research networks including Mind & Life Europe and CERN, and has been supported by the Yoga Science Foundation. Through the “Contemplative Scientific Collaboration” project and the “Mindful Researchers” initiative, he is building bridges between contemplative practices, scientific collaboration, community building, and participatory methods. He looks forward to contributing to IGDORE and the Open Science community.


Thank you for the warm welcome, @Alexander! I’m happy and grateful for being here. I’ve been visiting this forum for a while, and am happy to participate as a “newborn” IGDORE member. The range & relevance of themes and the high quality of discourse here are giving me hope - you are indeed fostering a much needed transition towards a better, kinder, more open, more robust, more ‘humane’ science & academia!

A big shout-out to @Enrico.Fucci for helping me and others (an emerging group / initiative called “Mindful Researchers”) to find a new home for our conversations. Looking forward to the interactions that will arise in this larger community here. I appreciate your hospitality to accommodate other organizations and groups in this space!


Hi Wolfgang-

Will this message work to set up the link with your, and Enrico Fucci’s, work?


Nice to have you here @Wolfgang.Lukas! :wave: I’m quite fascinated by how your career at CERN has lead you to work on contemplative and mindful scientific practices (my experience with physicists at light sources led me to expect them to move in the opposite direction!). I also found the Contemplative Scientific Collaboration webpage quite informative - from @Enrico.Fucci’s initial description of this I understood contemplative/mindful was limited in scope to researcher wellbeing, but I now see that this is a much more holistic initiative proposing changes across the entire scientific enterprise. I’m excited to see how these projects intersect with open science and hope that some opportunities for collaboration arise :slight_smile:

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