Emily De Stigter

Warm welcome to IGDORE, Emily De Stigter!

Emily recently received her PhD in Plant Ecology from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. There she studied invasive willow spread and reproductive ecology in south-eastern Australia. Since then, Emily has relocated to Ubud in Bali, Indonesia where she is a freelance ecological consultant and is re-directing her research goals to have a stronger conservation emphasis. Broadly, her research interests are centered around conservation ethics, optimal decision making, applied social science, and plastic waste management.

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Welcome to IGDORE Emily, hope to see you on the form soon!

By the way, you might be interested know IGDORE has started a pilot trial of our research consultancy. It would be great to hear more about your experience with freelance consulting in Indonesia :slight_smile:

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Welcome, Emily! Nice to see you here :slight_smile: