Grant Roy

Warm welcome to IGDORE, Grant Roy!


Grant left an applied math program to work on a startup focusing on mathematical modeling and programmatic trading of derivative securities; an area where neural networks, random forests, and support vector machines were buzzwords long before they were heard everywhere in the Silicon Valley. After becoming disillusioned with Wall Street during the financial collapse, he left the industry to pursue more scientific interests, along with teaching. He is now a software engineer working on NUPACK at Caltech, a software suite for the analysis and design of nucleic acid structures, devices, and systems.

Grant’s research interests include mathematics, computer science, mathematical/computational/systems/synthetic biology, quantum information, economics.

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Welcome to IGDORE Grant :wave:, it sounds like you have a really diverse research and professional background. Hope to see you in the forum soon.


Thanks for the warm welcome! I am excited to find a community that is deeply interested in considering/improving science as a process.