Sidhant Jain

Warm welcome to IGDORE, Sidhant Jain!


A businessman as of now, I deal in textiles but I stay connected to academia and try to contribute to it through my publications as an independent researcher. My lab research primarily revolved around molecular genetics of Hmox1 gene utilizing knockout mice. I had also worked on this gene’s phylogeny using bioinformatics. Genetics, Evolution, Oncology, Virology, Immunology and Human sexual behavior are some enticing fields I am intrigued with and most of my present work deals with them.

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Welcome to IGDORE Sidhant Jain @SID482! :wave: Managing a business while doing research sounds demanding, congratulations on pulling it off! Do you have any strategies for managing how you split your time between the two?

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Hey Gavin,

Thanks for your appreciation. I am not yet sure if I have been successful in pulling it up. I guess, I have a workoholic attitude. Along with these endeavours, I try to add new things like investing in equity markets, mutual fundsor understanding cryptocurrencies.

To be honest, I didn’t have to start the (family) business from scratch and as it was already running, my major concern, as of now, is with streamlining and expanding. As a result, it hasn’t been as demanding as a new business can be.

I don’t have any specific strategies as such but my research, which majorly revolves around in-silico work, at times acts as a stress buster. I guess, it helps me in moving forward. I prefer to split a new project (e.g. a review paper) in various smaller ones and I work upon one aspect at a time instead of working towards the complete picture. Further, collaborations with field experts always help. The time that I devote towards research is relatively scarce (few late nights in a week and Sundays) however this breaking down approach definitely helps but a messed up sleep schedule ensues. At the end, a benchmark (such as a new publication), proves all the efforts worth it.

What I have said might not be as interesting or great as you might have expected, but that is how I work. :slight_smile:

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