How can we honor Jon's memory?

With this public thread we want to encourage the sharing of ideas on constructive initiatives and projects that honors Jon’s memory. Information about already ongoing or completed projects are also very welcome.


In IGDORE we are continuing working on our Code of Conduct and discussing whether we should have some sort of supplemental behavioral policy to promote prosocial behaviors. Why is the work with a behavioral policy taking us such a long time? Well, we are an unanimous global board in the conviction that the type of behavioral focused CoCs used today by many academic openness organisations are counter-productive, and we are not convinced there is a need for a behavioral policy. If we develop such a policy, then we want it to be a useful alternative to the other type of CoC (such as the one used by OpenCon when they banned Jon), something that could inspire other organisations to employ more constructive CoCs.

We appreciate any constructive input people may have on this work. You don’t have to be involved in IGDORE or academia to share you thoughts.


I wrote down a few words for him, today.

I miss him very much.


John was very productive during the last few months and wrote numerous articles, editorials, and three(!) books. His work is listed in the following post from his blog:

Many of his articles are pre-prints in various repositories - it is unlikely that many, particularly any without co-authors, will be published. My suggestion is to create a virtual academic memorial for Jon by compiling this unpublished material, the highlights of published work, and some statements from his colleagues/co-authors onto a single page (possibly hosted by IGDORE). I think that this could be a centralized reference that highlights his substantial contribution to the open science and paleontology communities.


Just came across this blog post honouring Jon’s work:


I think this is a very nice idea. Jon really appreciated that IGDORE was there for him and didn’t turn its back on him due to the OpenCon ban and the scandal that followed. In addition to @Gavin’s idea, I think that we are in a good position (at IGDORE) to continue fighting for a more open future in science, maybe through the education of researchers in open practices (?), for example. Jon is irreplaceable, no doubt about that, as well as are his admirable work and passion for science done right; at least I think I owe it to Jon to remember and keep doing the efforts I can to support open science.


A very warm, nice, Italian version of this:


I met Jon only once. I did not know him, but I cannot pretend that his death did not affect me. Here is my memory of him.

My heartfelt condolences to his friends and family.


I like this idea, thanks. Yes he was very productive. Currently Jon, Olivier Pourret (a colleague from Unilasalle) and I are finishing 3 articles: 1 was accepted yesterday, 1 is still finalized (jon sent us loads of notes and editing suggestions on April 8 from 4 to 9 pm)., and the other one is still in drafting process. Aside to those 3, we have already published 2 articles in 2 months (and one of them were published on elsevier journal). We had loads of laughter about this.


I suggest to make 9th april the “Open Science Day” with a conference managed by OpenScienceMooc’s Staff.

In Italy with other 8 librarians, I manage a little blog #BiblioVerifica (#crowdSearcher international version).

We post a list of Jon’s profiles in blogs, social network and other Open Science initiatives:

and Italian version

Hugs Damiano


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“Patah tumbuh hilang berganti, gugur satu tumbuh seribu.”

jon’s passing also reminds me of lula’s speech… :slight_smile:

"There is no use in trying to stop my ideas. They’re already in the air, and you can’t imprison them.

There’s no point in trying to stop my dreams, because when I stop dreaming, I’ll be dreaming through your minds and dreams!

There’s no point thinking that everything’s going to stop, the day that I have a heart attack. Because my heart will be beating through yours, and there are millions of hearts!

The powerful can kill one, two, or 100 roses, but they can’t stop the arrival of spring.

And our fight is in search of spring!"


One way to rememebr Jon is to hear Jon’s word again. This was him on Facebook, on May 6, 2019. Reading these words now… It’s Jon at his best. On October 6, 2016, I left Leicester train station to embark on what I am calling my #JourneyToNowhere. Just exploring and enjoying life, with no expectations, and seeing where it leads. Today, I turn 31 for the first time ever, and it seems like a good time to reflect on the last 2.5 years. They have been beautiful, in so many ways. The people I have met, the places I have been, the things I have learned, have been life changing. I have laughed harder than ever, smiled so much it hurts, and cried so hard that sometimes I just wanted things to end. I’ve hurt people in terrible ways too. I see all of this as experience to make me stronger, to be the best that I can to help those around me be better too. To learn to forgive ourselves and others. To learn from our mistakes and use them to make ourselves better humans. I’ve explored every continent a bit already, besides Antarctica, and seen such incredible beauty you wouldn’t believe. I have more memories over the last 2 years than most people get in a lifetime, and for that I am fortunate and privileged. I’ve learned to see the best in people, and to listen to how they are feeling. I’ve learned to understand myself, and to relax, and love every second of life. I know what the deepest pain feels like, and take it is a sign of how beauty manifests itself in tragic ways some times. I have looked to the future, and seen nothing but bliss and freedom. The journey goes on. Next stop is Paris, where I’ll be spending the summer and seeing where the next step leads. Thank you all for being my friends, colleagues, companions and lovers through this time. I am proud to live among such admirable people, and love each of you in your own special, weird way. Peace. (May 6, 2019)


Rebecca et al,

I have not been involved but what do you think of this? Whatever CoC y’all come up with, have it dedicated to Jon’s work and memory. Also, let’s say you decide against a CoC; that could justify a statement/blog and then that could be dedicated to Jon’s work and memory.

It could be done completely tastefully. The mere act of doing it, though, would be a big fat flip-of-the-bird to both his detractors and those who misuse CoC to advance specific agendas or personal vendettas.



Dear all, (–> this could contribute to your reflection on Igdore’s code of conduct, Lee, and all Igdore folks involved there)

The collective statement related to Codes of Conduct and requesting a profound revision of their application (see this Igdore forum where the work was initiated) is ready. Given the present circumstances, we postponed the publication, as to not interfere with the present expressions of sympathy and grief, and propose to publish that statement on the coming Friday. We will post the link in these channels, and on social media, so that people may read it and express their support (people will be able to co-sign the statement). We dedicated this statement to Jon, whose dealings with the inappropriate effects of these Codes of Conduct these last months inspired this reflection and the will to sparkle a discussion. Jon can no longer benefit from that support, but at least we hope that this reflection may help to avoid such ordeals in the future.

We send you strength in these difficult times.

Véronique and the other contributors of the statement (Asger, Ingo, Michael, Tobias, Wojciech and Rebecca T. + a dozen contributors who chose to remain anonymous)


We’ve just launched a crowdfunding campaign to help raise money to the family to cover Jon’s repatriation. Please consider to donate if you can, and just as important, please spread the word about the campaign as widely as possible. :pray:


Dear all, In this time of covid, we can not meet in person and gather to start/continue our grieving process. I would really love if we could organise something online. I would imagine a 30 min video call with one statement, and/or a video of Jon, some music and an activity (we could all light a candle for instance), something to be together and say farewell.

I wonder what the family would think of this, @Rebecca10 ?


That’s a lovely idea :sparkling_heart:


Hi everyone, I hope I can post here! His family would like to set up a charity in Jon’s name about something he cared very much about. He became passionate about cyber bullying in the last 6 months so this is one idea. Rebecca has sent through some really useful links about that, and if anyone has any other ideas about this please let me know. Another idea was a hardship funds for academics, or even one to help with legal fees for people who are cyber bullied. Thank you all for your love to Jon.