Essays in Memory of Jon Tennant

In a different thread (How can we honor Jon's memory?) I had mentioned the possibility of dedicating a collection of essays in memory of Jon. I think this may be a nice complement to other initiatives aimed at honoring his legacy.

I wanted to reach out again and gauge interest in this. My idea (along with some help from @GKLeung) was that we could bring together a collection of essays that expand on, complement, and/or synthesize aspects of Jon’s work and open science/access more broadly.

This could include an initial essay, a biographical piece, providing an overview of his life and work and a separate piece collecting personal remembrances by collaborators, family (if desired), and friends in the open community. The rest would be filled out by contributions from anyone interested (with some vetting? by the editors of the collection).

Would anyone have interest in this? Might biggest concerns right now are (given interest) where to host it (a website, online repository, open access journal) and if it needs funding (e.g. for APCs), how to secure that.

My personal aim would be for it to still be pursued in something of a scholarly fashion. Contributions outside of the initial pieces on Jon should aim to make a scholarly contribution and advance the discussion about open science, publishing, etc. etc…

Thoughts? My own personal timeline would be to have something out in 2021.


I never had the opportunity to meet Jon in person, but his blog has been a source of inspiration and I’d be happy to contribute to a volume on his life’s work on open science.

In terms of where to host it, we could look into a Zenodo collection or something on F1000 maybe.

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