Issues with email

@rebecca , I can’t find the “send message” button in this platform. I’m not receiving anybody’s email from the IGDORE or Ronin servers (ALL other servers are ok). I have urgent matters with @Enrico.Fucci and Jon and I can’t communicate with either because their emails do not reach me. Could you please check if Enrico has an alternative email he can use?

I have 10 days to make a decision and in the past month I must have sent over 6 emails. The worst part is that the Ronin people say they got the email and replied. I don’t receive it.

@marilia, I edited your post to tag Rebecca and Enrico. This should send them an email about your message, otherwise, they might not notice you’re trying to contact them. I’ll reply about this in the post where you mentioned me.


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I’m going to configure again the igdore email. As for the Ronin Institute, I’d say up to now I’ve spent over 30 hours trying to understand and solve it. My IT friend is extremely competent and he examined the case and said there is nothing he can think of because of the random nature of the problem. It’s something on their server.

I give up.

@marilia So the problem is not yet solved? And the problem is that you don’t receive emails to your address? Have you tried sending emails to yourself from a different address in order to see what happens?

Pinging @dbernt too, our Head of Tech.

@marilia Please check this page. If it works to email yourself from other addresses then we need to get in contact with the server owner. Please let me know.

Rebecca, the main issue was with the Ronin Institute email that I had configures and it worked. The IGDORE email is much worse since the instructions are insufficient (or discrepant) to gmail settings. Observe the final stage of account setting: image

The pdf file for gmail setup contains wrong information. When you get to configure the incoming email, this is what happens.

What I mean is that I’m not receiving any email from IGDORE emails.

I am discussing the book issue with @Gavin.

I am sorry, but this has taken too many hours from me in a period in which I don’t have that many hours. I prefer to not use the igdore email.

I did receive this email from @Enrico.Fucci a while ago. I just tried to set it up again. I know how to do this because I set up many different emails and the procedure is not the one described in the pdf file. When I followed the instructions, I got an error while configuring the SMTP server.

I know it’s random because @Gavin found the email he replied to me long ago from his igdore email and I never received it.

I would like to ask you to please, please, leave this for a couple of months. Dealing with both emails not functioning right now is disrupting my work. It’s been over 50 hours or unsuccessful attempts.

Please remember that I have done this countless times.

Whatever is happening with both IGDORE and the Ronin server is on your side - not mine. My IT guy looked into it and when it’s just random - an email from you might or might not get to me, there is nothing I can do.

However, you can fix your instructions on the PDF file fro gmail setup because it is incorrect.

I have 8 days to finalize the catalog box and book cover. I suggest you let @Gavin deal with this with me.

Dealing with 4 people, different institutional emails that randomly either reach me or not on a deadline is something that is not being healthy to me.

Just please… if you don’t want to use any other email to communicate with me, fine: use the forum. And lets leave it at that.

I can’t deal with this everyday and at the same time try to do my work when it involves communicating with you.

Please accept this: I am giving up. I don’t want to use this email. I can’t receive your emails either. I don’t care what you are going to do. Just contact me here.

This is a bad solution. I’ve seen it happen several times with institutional emails during the past 25 years but I had enough.

It’s any scholar’s worst nightmare to send and email and wait for weeks, not knowing if the recipients got the email or didn’t, or if they replied or didn’t. It doesn’t matter what email I use now, I can’t receive yours.

For reasons neither I nor my IT guy can explain, @Enrico.Fucci 's email with the email instructions was successful. I know Gavin replied to one of the book emails and we verified that I never received it.

I think this is over.

Yesterday I spent at least 3 hours and off with the Ronin people who kept asking me to do things I had already tried. The solution was so simple: all they had to do was invite me to their Slack group to my account.


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Also, I have no idea what you want me to do at the page. There are several things to check there.

I am sorry, but I’m not going to spend another couple of hours with that.

No, @rebecca, I hadn’t even configured the igdore email before today. It’s much worse: I don’t receive emails from YOU (all the igdore people) or I do so randomly, which is much worse.

I don’t trust your servers (both yours and Ronin). They are displaying random malfunctions. I contacted you several times, I know that Gavin replied from his igdore email because he copied it yesterday in his gmail email.

Honestly, my first thought was that for some reason you had all decided to ignore my communication, which I tried to resend from 3 different addresses.

I only got Gavin’s email because he used his gmail account.

I’m not asking you to adjust to me. Just forget emailing me (this is the first time in my career that I have to do that in, I don’t know, 30 years). But that’s my choice now.

I can’t not know if you are ignoring me or if you replied from your email that can reach me or not.

Let me dead with Gavin.

If you or Enrico need to contact me, do it from here.

This is ridiculous but it is what it is.

I’m very confused now and don’t understand what exactly the problems are or whether you want help with it or not. If you want help with solving a problem with your IGDORE email account, please send an email to me or Daniel (, or reach out again here on the forum with clear information about the problem(s). I’m sorry the IGDORE email doesn’t work for you. We always troubleshoot when something happens but we need clear and concise info and dialogue to do that.

No, Rebecca. I gave up. I’m really very, very tired.

Some other time, maybe. Meanwhile, I will not use any institutional email. If I don’t respond to any email from IGDORE, it means it never got to me because I reply the same day, by principle.

The worst thing is not knowing whether your email was received or not. I’m done with this.


OK. To another time, it may be good to know that we do need more than 17 hours to respond to complaints with the email or other issues with our services. We typically need a couple of days. Personally I’m currently on maternity leave with my newborn and thus don’t work at all at the moment, but I do try to be available as quickly as I can when issues like this arise. We’re all working pro bono with IGDORE so we don’t have any possibility to be available 24/7 or instantly.

You’re the first to say anything about the Gmail guide for setting up the email. Many before you have used it and as far as I know their email works fine. But I will ask the volunteer who wrote it to take a look and verify that it’s still up to date.


If you use Gmail and the problem is that emails from don’t reach you, then that is a problem we had a few years ago too. The problem is Gmail’s spam filter: emails from IGDORE didn’t even end up in people’s spam folders, emails from IGDORE were removed by Gmail even before that so they’re were never possible to restore. We followed their guide to have whitelisted with Gmail and that worked at the time: the emails started to get through. It’s very unfortunate if this problem has appeared again. If so, we would have to try another whitelisting process.

Don’t worry, @Gavin and I are in touch and dealing with the urgent matter.

In email correspondence, the time to reply is not the issue. The time to let the sender know that the email was received is. Not knowing if the email was or was not received by each party is something that simply cannot happen. People can lose deadlines, projects can get interrupted, it’s chaos.

The problems are everywhere - from setup to recipient and I believed I supported each of my claims.

I feel your pain, @marilia.

Currently, i have 3 institutional emails directed to my gmail account. 2 have no problems being associated with is, but the other does.

All these emails have the suffix .edu and equivalent (.ac).

Perhaps gmail would be kinder with

Just a thought. :slight_smile:

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I think this sounds like a great idea, @surya!

Why do you think that Google in all cases would treat .edu differently than .org? It would take quite a lot for IGDORE to buy a new domain name only in hope that Gmail would accept to receive all our emails and not only most of them. A more reasonable solution is to boycott an email provider that doesn’t notify the account owner of emails being sorted out as spam without even sending the emails to the spam folder.

@rebecca, relax. The issue is over. @surya just tossed an idea here. Obviously, very obviously, boycotting gmail is a very bad idea. Because for obvious economic reasons, their email system works. I tried to explain to you that even in large organizations such as the World Health Organization this kind of problem happens and directors turn to gmail. It’s not even close to realistic to propose this boycott. And hey, I am far, far to the left. But I’ve been a scholar for over 30 years and I’m not about to commit academic suicide nor will the majority of us.

Relax, let’s close this thread, I’m dealing with things with @Gavin and we will all live happily ever after.

I’m down with boycotting google and the other big 3, and big tech in general. :slight_smile:

If close to power, i would go to the extent of rebuilding the entire internet infrastructure away from being ‘western’-centric, ‘western’-dominated, and ‘western’-regulated’. :slight_smile: