Problem with forwarding to Gmail

I don’t know if this relates or not, but I seem to not be getting all my email from my IGDORE inbox in my Gmail inbox. And, of course, I’ve forgotten the password for the IGDORE inbox. Anyone else experiencing issues?

@Larissa_Peixoto, thanks for brining this up. I shifted your post to a separate thread.

Coincidentally, I’ve also had problems with receiving forwarded emails to my Gmail account this week. I think this might also be the the problem @marilia had earlier this year. Marilia, did you manage to solve this?

We are looking into how to properly fix the problem between Gmail and The problem is that it recurs occasionally and unpredictably for a few Gmail users, so we are not really sure what needs to be changed. It does seem to be on the Gmail side, and all your emails should still be available on your IGDORE email account Larissa. @rebecca, can you reset Larissa’s email password please?

If any other IGDORE affiliates think they not getting forwarded all of the emails they expect to receive, please do let us know here.

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Thank you, Gavin. And thank you @rebecca, who has now been cc’ed on this twice, since I also emailed Enrico. I’ve used my IGDORE email for job offers, so I’m a little worried.

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There are many things that could be wrong and not much information from Google that indicates what. I am also looking into this now. @Larissa_Peixoto, as Gavin says your mails should not be lost but be available in the Igdore mailbox. Did Rebecca already reset your password? If not, I can also do that for you.

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Hi, Daniel! She hasn’t, if you could you’d be a life saver!


@dbernt will contact the email provider today, Wednesday, to ask them to have a thorough look. We have had a bunch of different problems with the email for several years now, including the Gmail problem which is with Gmail but our email provider might be able to do something anyway. If the email provider can’t permanently solve all the issues then we will move shortly to a new provider.

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Hi @Gavin, Vasselin suggested that I just give up and downloaded Thunderbird. I did, it works well with everything but I have to admit I haven’t even opened it lately: we’ve had a 3 week power outage here and I’m still catching up (I owe you an email :slight_smile:).

However, if anyone really wants to get to the bottom of this, it may be on google’s side: they are launching their new products for small businesses (I forgot the name). The reply I got from them is that the configuration options we used to have (and still work for my email) will no longer be available for free.

I think it’s a mess. I had problems receiving emails from other organizations at my gmail account. I don’t think they have a solution yet - thus the many bugs.

As for me, I gave up and will only use Thunderbird for the institutional emails from now on (Ronin, Igdore and NCIS). It’s also a great option for when someone’s institutional email is rejected by gmail for some unexplained reason (about 20 years ago it happened with many of the PAHO emails, which is the reason why the Scielo director started using gmail, ironically).


That’s basically what our email provider, Domeneshop, says: don’t use Gmail for important email. They sometimes do “accept and silently delete without a trace”, not giving either sender or receiver any hint that something is amiss.

I will add a mailbox for those who are only forwarding to Gmail so emails are at least not permanently lost that way.

A further comment on problems with receiving email. When I first set my Gmail account up with the IGDORE mail address I followed this guide for setting up ‘Send as’ via SMTP, but just left the automatic forward in place for receiving them.

I also recently noticed a few emails that I expected didn’t arrive from my IGDORE address. However, before Christmas, I set up Gmail to retrieve emails using POP3, as in the guide below (which I think matches the guide IGDORE sends new members).

This retrieved the emails that hadn’t been forwarded (at least those that I knew of), and also actively flagged a few items that weren’t retrieved on suspicion of being SPAM. I can’t guarantee that POP3 will fix all of the Gmail issues, but it seems to do a better result than just forwarding does and I recommend that IGDORE affiliates using Gmail configure it in that way (both forwarding and retrieval can be active at once, Gmail won’t create duplicates)

Additional. Google also suggests turning on SPAM filtering for at the forwarding email address. This is off by default but can be turned on in the settings of the webclient.

I am now receiving email just fine with my Gmail, but for some authorisation reason, can’t use it to reply. I can’t figure out where the problem is, so I’m just using the IGDORE account directly.

Hi @Larissa_Peixoto - good to hear you are now getting your IGDORE mail :slight_smile:

I also had a problem where POP3 stopped fetching emails. It didn’t resolve itself after a week, so I then just clicked ‘edit info’ entered my password and clicked save changes (without changing anything). After that, it started fetching them again. Have you tried doing the same in the ‘Send mail as’ settings for your IGDORE account?

Hi, Gavin! I hadn’t thought of that - I just updated my password in the “send as” section and it’s working perfectly now. Uhu!

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