Jelena Komlos

Warm welcome to IGDORE, Jelena Komlos!


Jelena holds a Bachelors in Plant protection. While studying, she spent all of her free time in a phytopathology lab. During the stay in the lab, she was working on a couple of small projects with different microorganisms like phytopathological bacteria and fungi. She understood and learned microbial physiology and problems that they cause. Following, she completed a Master’s in sweet cherry fruit physiology after harvest. There she worked on discovering mechanisms of chilling injury on stored fruits.

During her studies, and later in practice, she learned that a lot of pesticides are wasted or used without control. That leads to environmental pollution and poisoning which she is strongly against. Instead we should use biological agents and or organisms that are not harmful for cultivated plants and their consumers. If we could prolong fruit freshness without pesticides people could eat fresh and healthy food. The main area of Jelena interest is sweet cherry fruits after harvest. Her goal is helping farmers to improve storage of their products. Her working idea is to combine what she learned until now and to extend storage time and shelf life without losing appearance, texture, aroma and taste of fruits, by using biological substances without withdrawal period.

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