Marcelo Benedet Tournier

Warm welcome to IGDORE, Marcelo Benedet Tournier!

Hi! My name is Marcelo Tournier. I am a Physician with a MS in Health Technology and Innovation, and another Masters in Analytics. I am passionate about healthcare technology research, most specifically technologies involving Big data analysis in Public Health, Chronic disease prevention, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Fortunately, I had multiple experiences in the healthcare industry, such as working as a Primary Care Physician, directly helping patients on behavior change, and as a rehabilitation specialist, supporting disabled on return to work practices. I dedicated almost a decade of service as an Officer and Executive of SESI (Social Service of Industry) - the biggest Workplace Health Promotion Organization in Latin America. I helped on creating a multicentric network with more than 20 countries and Brazilian Governmental Entities related to wellbeing and Innovation, and the foundation of SESI Innovation Center for Health Technologies. One of my coolest projects was working on developing innovative technologies for healthy behavior change and workplace injury prevention, gaining national awards and patents. After moving to Silicon Valley in 2018, I specialized in building projects in Big Data and Machine Learning for the healthcare industry. Looking forward to contribute to IGDORE and connect with friends and colleagues from all across the World!

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Bem vindo ao IGDORE @marcelotournier :wave: It sounds like you’ve had a very diverse career! How have you enjoyed working in SF after starting your career in Brazil?

Thanks Gavin!

Hi IGDORE community :grinning::pray:

About career - I am just a job hopper who is very curious about learning new things!

SF is a great place if you like to be right in the intersection between research and Industry. Startups are looking for research to drive innovation, and they have a lot of data. Exciting place!

Happy to share experiences and also learn from you all.