Research student supervision with IGDORE affiliation

My partner is finishing a visiting professorship (after which she won’t have a university affiliation for a while) but would like to supervise a PhD student who is going to start soon. I’ve suggested she try to do this as an IGDORE affiliate, but it’s hard to predict if the university will accept that.

I’m wondering if anybody else is supervising research students solely through their IGDORE (or similar, e.g Ronin) affiliation? This case is specific to Brazil, but it would be good to have other examples from anywhere.

Edit: I’d also liked to know if anybody would like to supervise a student with just their IGDORE affiliation, but isn’t yet doing it, or if you tried to do so but couldn’t. (feel free to PM me if you don’t want to post publically). Maybe we can help out in someway.

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I’ve co-supervised (unpaid) a bachelor thesis with my IGDORE affiliation. I generally enjoy teaching and supervising, if the student(s) is/are motivated, so I’m definitely up for doing more such things. I’m generally available for free if I find the work interesting enough.

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