Seeds of Science - a new open access journal publishing speculative articles

Seeds of Science ( is a new peer-reviewed journal that publishes short (<2500 words) speculative articles in non-traditional formats and styles (open access and no submission fees). Manuscripts are reviewed by our community of “gardeners” using yes/no voting and commenting (top comments are published along with accepted manuscripts). Our criterion is simple - does your article contain novel ideas that have the potential to advance science? Our aim is to interpret this question as broadly as possible; articles in SoS can be from any scientific discipline (including metascience and science education) and may advance science in any number of ways (a proposed hypothesis or experiment, a novel observation, a speculative analysis, etc.). We allow for a diversity of writing styles so that authors can express their ideas quickly, clearly, and in an engaging manner. The openness of our format and the limited submission requirements (no cumbersome formatting rules) are designed to make the writing and reading of our papers a much easier and more enjoyable process than is typical for most scientific journals. Further information about our criteria and review procedures can be on the “How to Publish” page.

We would like to invite members of IGDORE and this community to join us as authors or Gardeners. it is free to join us and participation is entirely voluntary – we send you submitted manuscripts and you can vote/comment at your leisure. Sign up instructions (just send us a quick email) and a full list of gardeners can be found on our Gardeners page.