Seeds of Science

The Seeds of Science team got in touch with IGDORE about publicising their new journal. I think it’s legit and looks refreshingly innovative (could the acronym SoS be intended to convey a more urgent appeal about the state of scientific publishing?). I thought it was an interesting coincidence that the name for the Seed of Science peer-reviewers is Gardeners - the Mindful Researchers initiative is active in this forum and also calls their community organizers gardeners :laughing:

From the homepage:

Scientific ideas, especially the truly innovative ones, are like seeds - they need fertile ground and tender care in order to grow to their true potential.

Seeds of Science ( ISSN: 2768-1254) is a journal and community dedicated to nurturing promising ideas (“Seeds of Science”) and helping them blossom into scientific innovation. There is one simple criterion in our peer review: do your ideas have the potential to advance science? Peer review is crowdsourced yes/no voting and commenting by our diverse network of reviewers (“gardeners” as we call them - free to join, more information available here). Visit the About page or read The Seeds of Science Manifesto to learn more about our mission and philosophy.

I enjoyed reading the Manifesto — SoS

More broadly, Seeds of Science is an experiment in publishing and community building that hopes to find some initial answers to the following questions:

  1. Can we create new organizations that encourage creativity and diversity of thought in the sciences?
  2. How many new ideas never see the light of day or receive the attention they deserve because of our current scientific publishing system?
  3. Can people outside of traditional academic science (or at the lower levels of it) make valuable contributions if given the proper platform and support?

Overall, Seeds of Science seems a bit similar to the Research Idea publication type at RIO and Medical Hypothesis (at least before it switch from editorial to peer review). I look forward to seeing how this develops.


Thanks for the kind words Gavin! I can answer any questions here if anyone has them. I will also post a call for submissions in a few days.

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