What are the best open journals in psychological methods?

Hi there,

After a couple of rejections from “high impact” journals due mostly to editors’ advices (i.e. “After all, this is not sexy enough”…), I was wondering what is the best place to submit this preprint for peer-review (it falls primarily in the field of psychological methods).

While looking for open access journals that do no charge authors’ fees for gold open access, I came accross this platform that groups different journals:

Is anybody aware of their existence and publishing standards (they seem very rigorous and ethically sound from the information provided on the platform) ?

Any other suggestion for open, rigorous and “modest” (but not unknown) psychological methods journals?


Here are three great open psych methods journals that might be of interest:


Thank you @rebecca for the links!

I like the Collabora platform. Too bad that they charge authors’ fees…

Meta-Psychology (the second link) charges no fees. Collabra also has quite generous fee waivers for people without funding.


Dear Enrico, I am sorry for the late response. My advice is that one should not narrow their list of potential journals because of publishing fees. There are ways to waive the publication costs if a paper is accepted and the study was not funded. Most of journals (if not all) do not charge submission fees. Best of luck with your manuscript. Orison