Eduroam access

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Do you think it would be possible for IGDORE as an organisation to gain access to eduroam (or similar network)? This would make the life of independent researchers much easier when it comes to accessing published material.


Someone asked me that around two years ago and I looked it up. As I recall it, they required us to have a physical building in Europe, which we don’t have. Worth looking into again though.

Allright, I will try to get up to date information.

@rebecca: I could not find this information online, but I would contact eduroam on behalf of IGDORE if you grant me permission to do that.


That would be awesome, @andras.hartmann, please do!

Any updates? :slight_smile:

Update: I have sent an inquiry that time, like 6 month ago to , here is their answer:

"Thanks for your interest to join the eduroam service.

It is the responsibility of the national top level identify provider (NRO) to decide who can use eduroam within a country and also what the model may look like. Your eligibility therefore to use eduroam may vary on a country by country basis. There is always only ONE national roaming authority (NRO) per country and this organisation must ALWAYS be from within the Research and Education community.

Many countries take the decision not to support commercial users. Our policy defines that “The use of eduroam is restricted to the closed community served by a National Research and Education Network (NREN) according to their national policies”. Universities and research institutions are not forced to only use eduroam and the may have some SSIDs for other guests.

For final confirmation please contact your local National eduroam roaming operator. This is "

So if you, or someone else would like to take it from here, I suppose, as IGDORE is registered in Sweden, we should turn to the Swedish NRO.




Thank you, Andras! We’re currently strengthening IGDORE’s connection to Sweden (while we at the same time close down the facility in Indonesia), so yes, it will make much sense to shortly reach out to the Swedish NRO.

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This address doesn’t seem to be accurate though. Can you please check again that this is the address they wrote?

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Still that is the information I received that time, so it must be outdated now.

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