Miro educational access through IGDORE

Hi all, I like using Miro for my teaching. I applied for an Educational license, which is available for teachers at academic institutions like Universities. Unfortunately it got declined. Do you think I could argue that as an IGDORE members we should considered affiliates to an institution similar to a University?

See their response e-mail below.

All the best, Heidi

Hi Heidi,

Thanks for reaching out and submitting your application!

We’ve reviewed the attached documents, and I’m afraid your organization is not eligible for our Educational license since we only provide them to the following types of institutions:

  • Middle schools and high schools
  • Junior colleges
  • Colleges, universities, and technical schools
  • MBA schools
  • Online schools accredited by the local Department of Education that award an academic degree

As much as we’d love to help, your institution does not comply with the types of organizations eligible for the program. You may want to benefit from our NPO supporting program, though :slight_smile:

Did we incorrectly determine the status of your organization? Sorry for that, we at the Miro Support team are human beings, and we may make mistakes. Please let us know by simply replying to this message – this will open the ticket, and we’ll be able to get back to your application.

If there’s anything else we can do for you, drop us a line. We’re always happy to help!

Hey Heidi!

Unfortunately, I don’t IGDORE fits their definition of an educational institution, as IGDORE isn’t accredited to award degrees. Sorry :disappointed_relieved: This may change in future, but currently our primary activity is as a research organisation. However, as a Swedish foundation, IGDORE would at least be eligible for the NPO discount.

Thanks @Gavin for the helpful response. Will let you know what I finally decide to do.

Does IGDORE have a website showing the nonprofit status?

Also is anyone else interested in buying a license?

Well, it’s on the governance page: Governance | IGDORE

The non-profit details are:

Stiftelsen IGDORE Sweden

Reg. nr.: 802481-8398

Non-virtual address: Box 1074, Kristinehöjdsgatan 9A, Gothenburg, 412 82, Sweden

Email: info@igdore.org

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Heidi, Hello, thanks for the pointer to MIRO. I would be more inclined to seek out and disseminate open source, freely accessible resources. I would be interested in a discussion as to what material you find in MIRO for which an equivalent cannot be found freely accessible online. I have found more valuable material available for free, than paid. Of course, it may require research and assembly. I d love to see IGDORE produce its own open access resources

Thanks for the info @Gavin :clap:

Hi @paoladm, yes I fully agree and would prefer to have an open source solution. However, I haven’t found a good alternative for online learning and brainstorming. Miro is just really good at that. I’d be super interested if anyone has pointers.

Maybe you could start by outlining your requirement/wishlist There are plenty of tools and content to satisfy every need if there arent, there is scope for building!

Heidi and all, this was shared on Ronin Slack seems pertinent to this thread. would be great to have a critical review from you Heidi, and to have you compile some new materials to upload. I d be interested to know if it works, LibreCommons

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Thanks @paoladm for the follow up!

I like Miro for the following:

  • It allows for many participants to collaborate simultaneously on different spaces on the board without being distracted by changes in other areas of the board.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is like a flipchart, just better. You can use sticky notes but can also create mindmaps.
  • I can invite my participants without the need for them to sign up.
  • There is great docs.
  • It has a lot of additional features, like a timer, locking of certain spaces on the board, etc.
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Currently looking at https://www.tldraw.com

This is quite promising :star2:

thanks,.I cannot usee much when I login on tldraw I am also using easyretro, perhaps since you have a specific requirement could try out tldraw and easyretro boards and tell us how they compare to MIRO, , is it worth payng the subscription