Sakhr Murshid

Warm welcome to IGDORE, Sakhr Murshid!


Sakhr has a PhD in dental Science from Okayama University in Japan. He worked as postdoc at Tohoku University in Japan, postdoc at Helsinki University in Finland, and he also worked as assistant professor at Thamar University in Yemen for several years. He is now working independently in developmental dentistry-related projects and bone biology, by collecting data from online, and he looks forward to contributing to the Open Science community.

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welcome, @SAM_1221. what a lovely meaning, your name… :slight_smile: surya

Nice to have you here @SAM_1221 :wave: :smile: I hope you enjoy the forum.

It’s interesting to hear that you are doing independent projects in dentistry as I don’t see many people doing independent clinical projects. Hope to hear more about it sometime!